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Valeria Brito

Dancing has always been a part of my l life.  I started taking lessons at the age of 5 and I be have been dancing ever since. 
I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil .  I graduated in Ballet at Escola  de Danca Domari Esposito in 1982 . My curriculum includes Classic Ballet, Jazz,  Modern Dance, Expressao Corporal, Flamenco and Tap dancing. During my  trajectory, I studied and danced with great names in  Rio de Janeiro such as Domari Esposito, Dalal Aschar, Edmundo Carijo  from Escola Estadual de  Danca Maria Olenewa, Claudia Freitas at Faculdade da Cidade and Escola Estadual de Danca Maria Olenewa, David Vilner at David's Dance Center my friend and mentor, Izabel Leal from Ballet Gacemss,  among others.  In 2012 I became a Zumba® Instructor. I fell in love with the rhythm, music, and energy of Zumba®Fitness Program. If you around Somerville , please stop by to say hello and check it out my classes at David's Center of Performing Arts were I teach kids and adults Ballet, Jazz, Tap dancing, Hip-Hop and Zumba® .
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